FREE WEBINAR: Sichuan Food 101

What Linda & Panda are Teaching in This 60-minute Webinar:

5 Minute Chili Oil

x3 ingredients, 5 minutes, wonderfully fragrant

Drizzle-On-Anything "Panda" Sauce

x1 all-purrrpose sauce which unlocks a world of dishes, including: 

Cold Tossed Chicken 

Succulent, juicy, with a deliciously tingle in every bite

Plus bites of Sichuan Food History,  ADHD friendly cooking tips, and Recipe card raffle!



"I just want you to know that I eat this chili oil on my eggs every morning! And on other things, of course, but it’s a definite in the morning. It’s my wake-me-up and makes me very happy.

A wonderful spicy start to the day."

- B